viernes, 4 de julio de 2008

Festivity in the United States and Venezuela..!!


HALLOWEEN: October 31, (Eve of All Saints), American children dress with elegant; comedians or "horrific" costumes and knocking the doors of the neighbors of their neighborhood, challenge them with a "trick or treat”. It is hoping that the neighbors will respond by giving them small gifts consisting of candy and sometimes money. Adults also use to dress for Halloween festivities.


EASTER: During Holy Week, in each city of Venezuela are processions which are attend by popular orchestras, people walk barefoot and wear purple clothes as Nazarenes devotees, singing and praying while the steps performed rituals. The most impressive take place in Merida, and Caripito. During Saints days, most of the inhabitants of the country traveling to the beaches and coasts looking for some of rest.

Keywords: Festivity, USA, Venezuela, easter, halloween, costumes, rituals.

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