viernes, 4 de julio de 2008

My apartment..!!

As I said I live in Palaima - Maracaibo in an apartment. Now, I´m going to talk about it…

This is the building where I live; my apartment is small and is distributed as follows.

My Room: In my room I have a bed, a television, tables, a big carpet, small tables, lamps, and a chair, among other things that are basic in a room.

The Kitchen.
The Dining Room.
The Bathroom.

My apartment is small, I want one bigger, more beautiful, and modern that is the apartment of my dreams… I would like an apartment like this...

I'd like a room so big to accommodate my friends.
A comfortable room to take a good rest.
A bathroom like this, modern.
A big pool with a fashion model.
A kitchen so beautiful and luxurious.
A lounge like this.
A beautiful, big and green garden.
And finally a modern and very broad garage.

Keywords: Apartment, kitchen, bathroom, garage, garden, room, dining room.

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