sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

One day shopping with my friend..!!

Buyer: Good afternoon… Excuse me lady would be so kind to show my friend and me a series of garments that need, we want to see: Some blue jeans, shoes, dresses, skirts, belts, sweteres, it would be possible?

Seller: Of course, pass through here. Well here is what I asked!

Buyer: How good, we do not try…. We taste everything, we have it, we would say that price is every garment please?

Seller: Yes, of course the blue jeans 250.000 bs, shoes 150.000 bs, dresses 230.000bs, skirts 80.000 bs, straps 50.000 bs and sweteres 100.000 bs.

Buyer: OK.!

Seller: Spend per box to cancel and you will find your clothes.

Buyer: O.K, thanks, having a happy day.

Seller: Equally, Chao…

Keywords: Shopping, dresses, sweater, blue jeans, shoes, skirts, straps.

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