jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

This is my routine..!!

7:00 a.m
I Study at university

12:30 p.m
I like eating lunch

8:00 p.m
I watch the simpsons

9:30 a.m
I Study in a group

2:30 p.m
Doctor's appointment

6:30 p.m
I spend time with my family


7:00 a.m
I go to class

1:30 p.m
Take a rest

9:00 p.m
I watch who wants to be millionaire


9.30 a.m
I go to super

3:30 p.m
Studying english

7:00 p.m
I go to the movies with my girlfriend


7:00 a.m
I go to class

4:00 p.m
I go to the beauty salon

10:00 p.m
I go out with my friends


8:00 am at 4:00 p.m
I go to community service

7:00 p.m
I do lunch with my friends


10:00 a.m
I go to the gym

2:00 p.m
I go to the beach

11:00 pm
I watch MTV´s program, NEXT

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